Protective Measures

Protective Measures

We have implemented all measures with the greatest care, including extended hygiene standardssocial distancing, and ensuring the traceability of contacts

Please follow the rules:

Safe together @ BEERCON in_Bydgoszcz in_Torun in_hotels

Important: Please observe a social distancing of 1.5 m between people in all areas of the exhibition grounds.

We will ensure that your participation in the trade fair is safe – from the individual planning of the entrance situation and the enlargement of areas to optimised entrance and exit management for the exhibition grounds.

In the forum and conference area, for example, we have adjusted the seating accordingly. The digital signage system, floor markings, and notices also serve as reminders to observe social distancing guidelines.

In general, all persons over the age of seven are required to wear masks in the interior spaces of the exhibition venue. The best way to implement this measure is by wearing an everyday mask or, alternatively, with densely woven cloths or scarves that completely cover the mouth and nose.

Face coverings can be removed at exhibition stand tables providing that a minimum distance of 1.5 m can be safely maintained – and assuming that the incidence of infection remains low.

In outdoor areas, it is mandatory to wear face coverings whenever minimum social distancing measures cannot be maintained. Please always carry a mask with you.

If you forget or lose your mask, a supply of standardised face coverings is available at central locations on the exhibition grounds.

We will continuously check whether and to what extent it is necessary to wear a face covering.

We strongly recommend frequent and thorough hand washing. Hand washing and sanitizing facilities designed with social distancing in mind are available for you.

We kindly ask you to follow the usual etiquette regarding sneezing and coughing.

Only visit the BEERCON POLAND exhibition grounds if you are in good health.

Unfortunately, you may not visit a trade fair if you have been in contact with anyone infected with SARS-CoV-2 within the past 14 days or if you have symptoms of a respiratory tract infection or have an elevated temperature.

If you have symptoms typical of COVID-19 during your visit to the exhibition venue, please leave the exhibition grounds.

Service for Safety @ BEERCON in_Bydgoszcz in_Torun in_hotels

Ticket sales and the voucher redemption will take place exclusively online.

The tickets are available on mobile devices and allow contactless access.

This means that all trade fair participants are registered in advance and authorised for access.

By registering, we ensure that the public health department can quickly perform contact tracing in the event of a coronavirus infection.

This form of ticketing is an essential part of our efforts to manage and control the density of people within an event.

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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about these measures or safety - we are here for you!
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